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Sleeping cab and side tent

SLEEP WELL! Are the children still too young to sleep alone in a tent? Then you connect Ugly Betty to Fat Freddy, Lazy Jack or Sleepy Joe.

It could well be the smartest and most flexible tent around!

Do the children no longer want to be in the trailer with mum and dad? Then you put up Ugly Betty next to it. Do the children no longer join you on a holiday? Then you simply leave Ugly Betty at home.


  • Aluminium frame

  • Campooz ripstop canvas

  • With two mattresses

  • 200 x 200 cm

Ugly Betty?

Ugly? Of course not! With a wink to our beautiful side tent, the name Ugly Betty was born. We love Betty and think she is absolutely beautiful. Just the way she is!

Campooz, because we are also slightly different and stubborn!

Wijnand van Eenennaam