Fred, Jack & Joe

Meet our tent trailers. Fat Freddy is our all-time classic. For 2 persons, can be expanded to 4 persons. Big brother Lazy Jack has 4 sleeping places and can be expanded to 6 people. Long sleeper Sleepy Joe can be expanded to 4 people, just like Fat Freddy.

Equipped with our Easy Load as standard. In addition, all our tent trailers are equipped with the Clima-C System. Maximum ventilation and sun protection. The Camping System provides maximum flexibility. It makes our folding carts suitable for family situations that change regularly.

tent trialer

‘The most beautiful and atmospheric tent trailer. Plenty of space for luggage and windows all around. The side awnings allow the windows to remain open when it rains.’ –  Henri Westemont

From two to six and back

The tent trailers adapt to every family situation. That is the flexible camping system from Campooz. Without kids, with (extra) kids, kids separately or as a guest with grandpa and grandma. The combinations are endless and all easy to set up!

  • Fat Freddy for 2 or 4 persons

  • Sleepy Joe for 2 or 4 persons

  • Lazy Jack for 2, 4 or 6 persons

  • Extra sleeping cabin can be zipped off

  • Ugly Betty with 2 spacious sleeping places

  • Always complete with mattresses


Make your choice

Our trailer tent are available in a Camping or Trekking version. The choice is yours. Are you going camping in the springtime, when it is still cold, or are you going to Sweden or Norway? Then the Camping version is an excellent choice. Do you like the heat and are you chasing the sun on the Mediterranean? Then consider the Trekking version.

tent trialer


robust and elegant
  • A beautiful and characteristic canopy in light cotton ripstop fabric
  • Durable bamboo poles
  • The canopy can be expanded with various sidewalls.
tent trialer


complete awning
  • Consisting of a dark cover and two side walls
  • Including groundsheet
  • Can be extended with an extra awning

‘Thanks to the unique ventilation system, this is the coolest trailer tent.’ – Reinier Sanders

tent trialer

Smart ventilation

CLIMA-C SYSTEM. The smart ventilation ensures comfortable temperatures on warm days and nights. Campooz is the only brand to have a convertible top. Warm air easily finds a way out. That will be a good night’s sleep under the stars!

tent trialer

The trailer

NO CONSESSIONS. A Campooz goes hand in hand with an indestructible trailer of German quality. Simply disconnect the tent from the trailer. The trailer is perfect for heavier work. Suitable for all building materials due to the handy dimensions. Comes with extra long drawbar.

tent trialer

DIY & Camping

DISMOUNTABLE TENT! A wrench 13 is all you need to disconnect the tent from the trailer. This makes Campooz a unique concept. You put the tent upright in the shed or garage and then use the trailer for the rest of the year!

tent trialer

Easy Load

STANDARD EQUIPPED. Nobody can live without it anymore! So from now on, it’s part of the standard equipment. 1300 litres of luggage space at your fingertips. Via the rear hatch, the bed hatch and from above. Without having to unfold the tent.

Why a size 13 key? The first meeting of the three men of Campooz was during the Key 13 Rally organized by Gert and Raoul. Harry went with a car full of spare parts. The rally went from Romania to the Netherlands in old Dacias. All you need for a repair with this car is a key 13!

This makes you happy!

Totally complete!

When you go camping with Fred, Jack or Joe, you also want it in style. Our cool accessories allow you to expand your camping equipment. There is certainly enough space to take your stuff with you in the tent trailer, because there is room for 1300 liters of luggage.

Still a clean tent in 10 years? Campooz suitcases! The spray to fill a flat tire is sold out? Spare wheel! Off-road aspirations? Shock absorbers! Want to sleep better? Froli Bed System! Bicycle carrier? Take your bikes with you on the Rack! Fat Freddy even bigger or do you need more room for Sleepy Joe and Lazy Jack to chill? Extra awning! Would you like to cook for yourself? The Campooz kitchen! Check more accessories? Click here!