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Folds out lengthways

THE LONG-AWAITED variation on Fat Freddy. Meet Sleepy Joe. In our long sleeper, you get into the bed at the foot end. Of course it’s available in Camping or Trekking versions, with Ugly Betty suitable for four people.

Welcome long sleeper Sleepy Joe

We have expanded our range again. No more crawling over each other for a visit to the toilet in the middle of the night. Many campers are happy about this. Setting up Sleepy Joe is quick and easy.



  • Easy Load
    Packed packing

  • Smart construction
    Flexible awning

  • Openings for electricity
    Integrated storm straps

  • Lockable sleeping cabin
    Cold foam mattress

  • Luggage hatch with gas springs
    Herring quick-release system

  • Optimally ventilated
    Standard 3-layer windows

  • Guaranteed insect free
    Fixed groundsheet

  • Cotton / ripstop
    450 g / m2

  • PVC groundsheet
    450 g/m2

  • Bottom construction
    Stainless steel

  • Frame
    Ø 22/25 mm, aluminum

  • Luggage hatch
    105 x 130 cm

  • PVC cover
    450 g/m2

Sleepy Joe?

We like to give our models a name and their own identity. Sleepy Joe is a long sleeper, also called a length sleeper. We’ll still with the first one. Long sleeper. In other words, sleeping for a looooong time. You have to be very ‘Sleepy’ for that. And that just happens to be Joe. Sleepy Joe!

Trekking and Camping

Sleepy Joe is available in two variants. Trekking and Camping. Choose the version that suits you best, that is most suitable for the way you go camping or the version that you like best. The Camping version is expandable with an extra awning.

Sleepy Joe


sturdy and elegant

Beautiful sun canopy with recognizable Campooz signature! Made from lightweight ripstop cotton and supplied with three durable bamboo poles and roof beams.

Sleepy Joe


complete awning

A complete awning consisting of a dark cover, two side walls, a front wall and groundsheet. The Camping variant can be expanded with an extra awning.

Kilos, centimeters & specifications

Quality, robust and light. In principle, (almost) any car can tow our tent trailers. Because the bed is on the trailer, you have plenty of luggage space. And a king size bed. The trailer? It is indestructible. German quality. Simply detach the tent from the trailer so that you can use it all year round.

Sleepy Joe Trekking 320 kg
Trekking capacity 430 kg
Sleepy Joe Camping 300 kg
Camping capacity 450 kg
Sleeping area 175 x 220 cm
Living area 225 x 175 cm
Awning/sun canopy 490 x 240 cm
Total 490 x 415 cm
With side walls 600 x 415 cm
Capacity 1300 liter
Permissible mass 750 kg
Length (inside) 205 cm
Length (total) 351,5 cm
Width (inside) 131 cm
Width (total) 177 cm
Height (inside) 50 cm
Height (without tent) 104 cm
Loading height 53 cm
750 kg braked
Extended v-shaped drawbar, large 13 inch wheels
Full bath galvanized chassis
Bottom plate of roughened concrete plex
Lashing eyes mounted in the bottom
Tailgate with a built-in closing mechanism
13 pin plug with a reversing light
Support legs and wheel chocks
TÜV tested

‘Campooz offers us the solution: thanks to its robust appearance and rock solid quality, we have everything we want.’

Roos van der Vlugt van Velzen