For Fred, Jack & Joe

SAND, WETNESS OR A STEEP SLOPE, the Campooz Offroader always follows. Whether you’re on sand, a steep slope or in the wet, the offroader of Campooz always follows. The specifications are impressive. Available as a trailer variant for all models. The Offroader is for sale onorder and is built especially for you. The frame is coated in any desired RAL colour at no extra charge.

Tough, robust and indestructible

The ball height is adjustable and the rims are available in Landrover and Toyota hitch. So you can also use the spare wheel of your car for the trailer.



  • 380 mm ground clearance

  • 580 mm wading depth

  • 45° lateral inclination

  • 45° lateral inclination

  • 1.800 kg load capacity


As a 4×4 enthusiast, according to Gert, the Campooz range would not be complete without an Offroader. It was a huge puzzle to maintain the functionalities and specifications of our standard trailer. We succeeded! Despite the high ground clearance, the luggage compartment is still impressive.

Campooz is the brand for the camper who wants a sturdy, strong, smart and well-thought-out tent trailer.’

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